No Ego No Stress

Stress-free living is anti-aging. Learn how to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

Stress is one of the many underlying causes of human diseases, and a major stumbling block in natural health and self-healing. Unfortunately, stress is common in modern living: it may come from careers, relationships, finance, and simply any aspect of daily living. To get rid of stress, you need more than just relaxation techniques to help you:  you need to get rid of your ego. Without your ego, you have no stress. It's just that simple!

According to Lao Tzu, ego-self is the source of all human conflicts and miseries. An ego-self is a "false" self-image we have created for ourselves, which is equivalent to pride, which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins of man. With inflated pride, we want to be someone else that we are not. In order to sustain and protect that ego or pride, we crave for material things and power to satisfy our ego. In the process, we become selfish, and, as a result, we detach or separate ourselves from the Creator.

To reverse the situation, we need an empty mind, which is essentially letting go the conventional thinking of "doing more to get more" and "the more, the better." Once we can empty our minds, we can reverse our conditioned mindset, and do just the opposite, which is doing what is necessary, and going where we  need to go. In life, everything follows a natural order, just like the four seasons. Everything exists due to its opposite, each complementing the other, such as success and failure, or life and death. Without failure there will be no success; without death, there will be no life. Understanding this profound wisdom, "everything settles into its own perfect place."


Get Tao wisdom-the ancient wisdom from China to learn how to cope with life's challenges and difficulties in order to live your life
as if everything is a miracle.

is made up of four parts.

PART ONE: An Introduction to Stress

It explains how and where stress comes from; the damage and devastation of stress to human health.

Conventional Wisdom

There are many major life stressors that come from career, money, relationships, adversity, and time  Conventional wisdom offers many strategies for stress relief, such as exercise, herbs, medications, meditation, and psychotherapies, among many others. Conventional wisdom may reduce stress levels, but it does not eradicate stress completely. Conventional wisdom may only complement the ancient Tao wisdom for ultimate stress relief.

Tao Wisdom

This part not only explains what Tao wisdom is all about, but also contains the complete translation in simple English of all the 81 short chapters of “Tao Te Ching.” Going through the whole script, interpreted and translated by the author, will enable you to understand the essentials of Tao wisdom for stress-free contemporary living.

No Ego No Stress:

Stress originates from the human mind: how it perceives and processes life experiences. What is stress to one individual may not be stress to another. This part explains in detail how having no ego can eradicate stress related to career, relationship, money, adversity, and time.

NO EGO NO STRESS points out how the human ego is formed by the subconscious mind through its perceptions and interpretations of life experiences. The author relates to the famous saying by Descartes, the great French philosopher: “I think, therefore I am.” It is a myth or misconception that you are “who” and “what” you think; you are not the byproducts of your thoughts. “Who” and “what” you think you have become is just your ego-self, erroneously created by your self-deceptive thinking mind.

Tao wisdom focuses on the need of “emptying” and “reversing” the human mind in order to see “who” and “what” you truly are, without any attachment to your ego.

According to Lao Tzu, the ego is unreal, because it is based on past memories and projections of those memories into the future as desires and expectations. The past was gone, and the future is yet to come; only the present is real. Therefore, the ego-self that exists in the past or in the future is non-existing in the present, except in the mind.

Without the ego, there is no need of protecting or sustaining it. Without fear and expectation, there is no need of judging, picking and choosing-they often result in making wrong choices and decisions, and thus creating stress. With no ego, there is no need of over-doing to fulfill the expectations. The problem with conventional wisdom is that the mind focuses on the past or the future, but seldom stays in the present. Only when the mind stays in the present can it see things as they really are and not as what they should be.

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