Be A Better And Happier You With Tao Wisdom              

By Stephen Lau

To live your everyday life as if everything is a miracle, you need a happy and pleasant personality. But living in a world of confusion and conflicts, one may easily become condemning and judgmental.

With Tao wisdom, however, you may see the oneness of all life, which is the inter-connection with every one around you; you see the imperfections of others as well as those of your own. In addition, the oneness of all life enables you to understand that everything exists because of its “opposite” and that everything will ultimately become its opposite, just as youth becoming old age, and life becoming death. Spontaneity, which is following the natural laws of nature, holds the key to attaining true human wisdom to live your daily life.

Understanding Tao wisdom helps you attain true human wisdom  through asking self-intuitive questions, creating an empty mindset with reverse thinking to let go of the ego-self in order to become a better and happier you.

Part One
of the book explains the prerequisites of human wisdom. Without true human wisdom, it is almost impossible to perceive the innate human goodness in self, as well as in others. Human goodness leads to the attributes of genuine human happiness.

Part Two
is the complete translation of the 81 short chapters of Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching" in simple English for readers to understand the complex and controversial wisdom of “Tao Te Ching.”

Part Three
highlights the essentials of Tao wisdom, and shows how it can be applied to contemporary living so that you may live to be a better and happier you.

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Stephen Lau

Copyright© 2018 by Stephen Lau
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